The Connecting With Stories Program


Here’s what you need to know so that you can decide if the Connecting With Stories program is right for you.

Does this describe your situation?

  • You want to go big with the site you have
  • Selling with hype makes you uncomfortable
  • You don’t feel comfortable asking people for money
  • You want to go big in a new niche
  • You don’t care about going big, you just want to make more money
  • You’ve done just about everything but you’re still not making money.
  • This is about taking your website and making in impact in other peoples’ lives.
  • You want to communicate and persuade with more effectiveness.
If you answered YES to two or more of the statements above, this program may be what you’ve been looking for, so read on.
If you didn’t answer YES to at least two of the questions, I suggest you close this page right now, and move on.

A Six Week All-Inclusive Course

Here is the structure of your course:
  • 6 weeks of webinars
  • Membership site access with:
  • Recordings of all webinars and bonus sessions
  • Take action sheets with detailed step by step instructions
  • Copies of slides to review the lessons
  • Your work is reviewed each step of the way by an expert copywriter!


Week One

In your first week we teach you how expert copywriters learn just the right information about your “tribe” of blog readers.  We show you a fascinating process to find your authentic story.  Everybody has stories. You do to!  We help you find it.  We will help you develop the “voice” of your stories and your blog…. or to make your current voice more powerful and connecting to your audience.
You will find the section on Determining Your Market Stage to be one of the most powerful determining factors in selling elegantly and effectively.


Week Two

In week two you will learn the best ways to understand the problems and desires of your market.  You start getting your personal stories in front of your readers.  You learn how to use headlines for your blog posts that really make them stand out.

Learn different kinds of stories for different situations — and which stories work best!

Where, when, why and how to add a variety of stories to your blog posts.


Week Three

In week three you will learn how to write stories that sell.  Selling with stories is without question the most elegant and effective method of all.

Learn the most effective ways that short stories move the hearts and minds of your tribe.

Discover the secret to telling 5 minute stories.

We also cover how to eliminate hype in stories, which makes them even more connecting and effective.


Week Four

In this exciting week, we start to put everything together.

Every compelling sales piece  has to have these elements….

  • bullets (short exciting lists of benefits)
  • proof
  • the offer (all the details of what your buyer gets) is essential
  • learn to anticipate objections, and how to ethically answer them
  • a guarantee is always needed – learn how to make them work for you
  • closing the sale in effective and elegant ways — no hype, no hard sell


Week Five

Week five is all about effective email marketing.

Telling stories in email is easier than you think — and very few of your competitors know how to do it effectively.

We work together on your email image…. your “email” voice, and how to craft it.

There are universal stories that have worked all through history … learn to collect them.


Week Six

Week six is all about videos, how to use them, how to make them, and especially how to make videos that tell the stories that connect you with your readers (and viewers).

This lesson will have basic steps if you’ve never made a video (we show you how to make them with free and low-cost tools).

You will be surprised to learn just how simple and effective short storytelling videos will be.



Your guarantee for this course is very simple.

You are 100%  covered, and will get a full refund any time in the first 30 days.

Just send an email to your support person,  and your money will be cheerfully refunded.


Special Bonus – Making Money On Facebook

Facebook has been a special interest of Dr. Kilsteins for almost five years now, and he has learned lots of things that will help you crack the code of making money on Facebook.
If you are on Facebook, you will want to learn the bonus information on how to create a financially successful Facebook Fan Page.
This exciting session is available only to members of the Connecting With Stories Program.



I enjoyed the program and found the content interesting, and informative I think it was an excellent value for the money and
you, Harlan, are among the few who understand that in telling stories its best to
leave any ‘meaning’ of a story (or metaphor) to the reader. – John Lambert


Harlan Kilstein’s ‘Connecting With Stories’ approach, in relation to increasing sales conversions, is one of the most valuable pieces of information a marketer can possess. A story evokes an emotional response in a reader. That, in turn, evokes trust.
For a sales letter to be able to convert, the evoking of trust in its reader is essential. – G. W. Daniel


‘Connecting with Stories’ is revolutionising the way I write my blogs, emails, PowerPoint shows and present my workshops. I knew I had plenty of stories in me but didn’t realise I could use them in so many situations or how POTENT they could be in helping me connect with people. Thank you Harlan, this easy to follow course is a revelation and one of the best investments I’ve ever made. – Jacquelyn E. Lane, Author/Artist – New Zealand


When Harlan asked us for feedback about what benefits we experienced as the result of having completed his “Connecting with Stories” Course…What else, I thought of story. I first heard this story from one of my meditation teachers. He called this traditional Zen story “Everything is the Best.” As Amman was strolling through a local market, he overheard a conversation between a butcher and his customer. “Give me the best piece of meat you have,” said the customer. “Everything in my shop is the best,” replied the butcher. “You cannot find any piece of meat here that is not the best.” Amman upon hearing these words became enlightened. I thought of this story, not because I think you’ll become enlightened upon completion of the course (though anything is possible)… No, the reason this story came immediately to mind was because of the line, “Everything in my shop is the best.” That line pretty much sums it up, not only about the “Connecting with Stories” course, but about everything Harlan produces. He actually over delivers, unlike so many of the so called “teachers.” It’s all here, “all the best pieces,” nothings left out. So even if you don’t become enlightened, you certainly will become a better writer…someone who really connects with people. And that’s a real good thing, especially when it comes to the bottom line. Thanks Harlan, for delivering the “best of everything.” Tom Renfro


Harlan’s “Connecting With Stories” not only works for Facebook, but in all aspects of your business and life. As always Harlan delivered far beyond my expectations…a home run for sure. Thank you Harlan for another brilliant course. – Kate Upchurch, Dallas, Texas


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